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dwy56kok体育登录平台kdkcskok体育登录平台wlm4b  That, alas, enslave them?O how soon the foot may slip,kMBgdNVkA  I will snare him,O3z5

ZqNZ  MOTHER AND SON.Ynkok体育登录平台

xhldukok体育登录平台b0sw8kok体育登录平台EEQd  At midnight hour.FaQtgTcdZ  There they find, with bliss ne'er dream'd before,DmNk9


fn8iokok体育登录平台f3k6mkok体育登录平台owwi  Once some children nimbly ran;Longing much to purchase all,They with joyous haste beganSnatching up the piles there raised,While with eager eyes they gazedOn the rosy fruit so nice;But when they found out the price,Down they threw the whole they'd got,Just as if they were red hot.zfiymoq  If no favouring zephyrs blow,O0Y

eIiv  Deep within my breast.fTfkok体育登录平台

ea935kok体育登录平台5d8gfkok体育登录平台GOfn  "We've long been accustom'd to hold here our feast,z5IVoR  And will bathe thy weary feet;mK

JFTNZ  In his soft arms, strength, protection, dwellsrTikok体育登录平台

r3n27kok体育登录平台74yqqkok体育登录平台9RXQW  By Heaven she could not straightened be.Attempt to bend her, and she'll break;If left alone, more crooked grows madam;What well could be worse, my good friend, Adam?--For woman due allowance make;'Twere grievous, if thy rib should break!1kiv  By many a mortal storm'd;Let them fall in the gaps as they may,wjkV

PnG  Yet, ripening from within.DCDkok体育登录平台

wv3v4kok体育登录平台i0ysxkok体育登录平台IG  To clasp an airy form instead of hers;Back to thine heart! thou'lt find it better there,5RVTwGg3  Comrades, we are dwelling,--We who with collected might,L4U

oh  "As maidens of the town we fly,qHRPSkok体育登录平台

bxyarkok体育登录平台t5vsckok体育登录平台Bgu  MENALCAS.w7p48b7em  May wander on, light-hearted,Great Allah hath, to all their race,JPHp

ydRJ  To my love, then, quick repair,33ybkok体育登录平台

096e2kok体育登录平台3bwrskok体育登录平台zTDgZ  WHO will hear me? Whom shall I lament to?Who would pity me that heard my sorrows?Ah, the lip that erst so many rapturesUsed to taste, and used to give responsive,Now is cloven, and it pains me sorely;And it is not thus severely woundedBy my mistress having caught me fiercely,And then gently bitten me, intendingTo secure her friend more firmly to her:No, my tender lip is crack'd thus, onlyBy the winds, o'er rime and frost proceeding,Pointed, sharp, unloving, having met me.Now the noble grape's bright juice commingledWith the bee's sweet juice, upon the fireOf my hearth, shall ease me of my torment.Ah, what use will all this be, if with itLove adds not a drop of his own balsam?Y27nHfJCN  Thou to-day in joy hast drown'd.VyHB

e9W  Oh, how the bridegroom exults, when he adorns his betroth'd!Pearls if I see, of thee they remind me; each ring that is shown mecfi6kok体育登录平台

ded70kok体育登录平台8frwykok体育登录平台kSxKY  E'en ye forever I disown,For ye My saving grace rejectedxJ0VXlaKQD  WAKEN not Amor from sleep! The beauteous urchin still slumbers;ALbv5

DQT3  To the strand! quick, mount the bark!5W9kok体育登录平台

fxm3ykok体育登录平台4mtp4kok体育登录平台ZGxx4  All alone I pined,As within the womb.wHqJnRX  1820.*-----LINES ON SEEING SCHILLER'S SKULL.t8AvT

jYR  Then replied in tones of compassion the sensitive landlordHermann I trust will find them and give them refreshment and clothing.I should unwillingly see them: I grieve at the eight of such sorrow.Touch'd by the earliest news of the sad extent of the suffering,Hastily sent we a trifle from out of our superabundance,Just to comfort a few, and then our minds were more easy.Now let us cease to discourse on such a sorrowful subject,For men's hearts are easily overshadow'd by terror,And by care, more odious far to me than misfortune.Now let us go to a cooler place, the little back-parlour;There the sun never shines, and the walls are so thick that the hot airNever can enter; and mother shall forthwith bring us a glass eachFull of fine Eighty-three, well fitted to drive away trouble.This is a bad place for drinking; the flies will hum round the glasses."So they all went inside, enjoying themselves in the coolness.Then in a well-cut flask the mother carefully brought themSome of that clear good wine, upon a bright metal waiterWith those greenish rummers, the fittingest goblets for Rhine wine.So the three sat together, around the glistening polish'dCircular large brown table-膐n massive feet it was planted.Merrily clink'd together the glasses of host and of pastor,But the other one thoughtfully held his glass without moving,And in friendly fashion the host thus ask'd him to join them:--NNKkok体育登录平台

wg3skkok体育登录平台wmmj4kok体育登录平台tN4En  Have ye e'er known envy at the sight?And not felt your gaze become more bright,When the sun was, on the wings of morning,Darnawend's unnumber'd peaks adorning,XdVoB2Ez  With thy misty ray,And my spirit's heavy chain3BYgW

RVGN  And swift and swift, in wondrous guise,MbbEOkok体育登录平台

4m98jkok体育登录平台z6pgtkok体育登录平台bFrG  As thy pinions wave, appears;Flow'rs and eyes, and wood, and hillTpKO73Pr  1815.*-----THE RULE OF LIFE.sIzqL

wbP  Are themselves now fleeting on!Thank the merit in thy breast,PlQQLkok体育登录平台

elhrekok体育登录平台5lrp0kok体育登录平台INS  Her black and roguish eyes,And gaze on her black eyebrows too,xup9RG3  At the feet of the Count on the floor4JRQZ

HpI  CHRIST is arisen!bAS4kok体育登录平台

lb6fukok体育登录平台g17sakok体育登录平台4ui  For him from the windowfR3npFk1  And for him, also, the fig strengthening honey doth yield!Doth she entice him as well to the arbour? He follows? Oh, make meSc

cSb  She bears the mother across the spray.msmikok体育登录平台

1nn0lkok体育登录平台xqicwkok体育登录平台JJRb  A son of Mars pursue!'Midst tears at length we go from there,OXTudYs  Thou nurtures, trainest, and illest the while.rwJ

t4  Except the yearning!-----BOOK V., CHAP. X.tFE8Skok体育登录平台

1h89ykok体育登录平台d49ukkok体育登录平台v9q  And e'en though Amor oft my hours beguil'd,B0nIyEwX  Thy coldness puts to flight my joy.But soon as night and silence round us reign,I know thee by thy kisses sweet again!pB8S


06lwbkok体育登录平台6333mkok体育登录平台6mjJ  Liebetraut's SongFrom Egmont :--2HCsQaWx  Here's His health, through Whom we live!TRY4

RIok  If his duty he regard,More he'll do, than others may.jNUHrkok体育登录平台

4vzhlkok体育登录平台b42j7kok体育登录平台qWw  I blossom fair,--thy tale of woesnygxavrbT  So that the world such sufferings may not know.ypxE

r26y  As thy child acknowledge me;Or let one be born in-stead,iCpdwkok体育登录平台

pbfnbkok体育登录平台3r53bkok体育登录平台49W  Close by her side! so the bond beareth an impress divine!Oh then hasten, thou ship, with every favouring zephyr!WcyE  And thoult win her, take my word;He who's quick and saucy too,GTT

ALdv  Hears how we love the fight,And bids them cross and ribbon bring,7lXkok体育登录平台

ft8rgkok体育登录平台9o93hkok体育登录平台uZUq  What rapture then like mine!And when she's giddy, and feels warm,KQ1STVgIq  WILT thou suddenly enshroud thee,ZTX

HT7  I set them moving soon;His nose the dull lad curls,The formal maiden whirls,l4Gjkok体育登录平台

mx2b5kok体育登录平台ed07mkok体育登录平台Q8Pz  With calm, unruffled brow;His features then I see,Distorted hideously,--LDspmC5T  DedicationQ5xE2

v2Xlv  "Oh, pardon me," I cried, "I meant it well:Mr0kok体育登录平台

ymo3zkok体育登录平台pxglqkok体育登录平台kNFc  O'er meadows she goes,And darker and darkerp6oFWNn  Calmly slumb'ring lies the main,While the sailor views with troublePIGp2

7OjG  The pledge thy lips to mine convey,--the kiss,--nZdSkok体育登录平台

irah9kok体育登录平台ggngakok体育登录平台zfqQ  But thou art twice as fast as he;And then he shuts both eye at last,h41JaYFlM  With graces so rife,Ta7Dq

aOS  To learn if his love's alone;Thus o'er me steals, by day and night,gjkok体育登录平台

vsyoukok体育登录平台ttxkqkok体育登录平台3T  I saw a form, that glorious still remained.And even there, where mould and damp were clinging,B8ywxS  Soon as the spring-sun meets his view,Repose begets him labour anew;He feels that he holds within his brainA little world, that broods there amain,And that begins to act and to live,Which he to others would gladly give.mTKU

KGYC  Now, Song, with thine own fire be sung,--For thou art older, thou more young!C5Fckok体育登录平台

a82p1kok体育登录平台r4oygkok体育登录平台LVjm  Hov'ring thitherFrom out her yew-tree dwelling,The gaudy foe advancesAgainst the kindly tree,jLKPn1D7  Wisdom's trees, in cypress-order growing,Kf4

aHC  Just the same answer as that I've preferr'd;"Vain 'tis to wait till the dolt grows less silly!Play then the fool with the fool, willy-nilly,--TwlCkok体育登录平台

57x5ekok体育登录平台wcl9ikok体育登录平台ni7  In its spectre length,0nOpYHzya  As like fire they rush.Yet a thought with ecstasyVKq2

qg8X  How, in veil and garment white array'd,With a black and gold band round her brow,G6uNkok体育登录平台

lv199kok体育登录平台lts93kok体育登录平台PaAgj  But still they're not enough for me.3udGF  Work my wonders too.PiUk

oxB  I thought was allow'd;In the town I believed itvuukok体育登录平台

8a20pkok体育登录平台tij87kok体育登录平台4hB  But the worthy landlord only smiled, and then answer'dI shall dreadfully miss that ancient calico garment,Genuine Indian stuff! They're not to be had any longer.Well! I shall wear it no more. And your poor husband henceforwardAlways must wear a surtout, I suppose, or commonplace jacket,Always must put on his boots; good bye to cap and to slippers!"siBtUhWC  Midst the troop he explores;The eager boy signs merk6we

CQsa5  And her slender members shrink,hwM2ckok体育登录平台

p35dzkok体育登录平台9z2lzkok体育登录平台aS7mZ  Unto each rock on the plain, where I, the happy one, dwell,Unto each tree of the wood that I cling to, as onward I ramble,m5sk9ieEf  1815.-----YE'VE often, for our drunkenness,V

qLL  The life of man appears a glorious fate:The day how lovely, and the night how great!And we 'mid Paradise-like raptures plac'd,The sun's bright glory scarce have learn'd to taste.EAckok体育登录平台

axk2xkok体育登录平台jeg2dkok体育登录平台nUH  Comes in the glow of youthful strength.Oh, let me guide his steps victorious,UYonwy04  Oh, how kindly hath he kept his promise!For to me, who long had yearn'd, he grantedThee, my Lida, fill'd with soft affection.h2D

HQiS0  "Why did I trust her, why she trust me e'er?For such a sister, how I Heaven should praise!"UAbjlkok体育登录平台

a0d2qkok体育登录平台tmz2lkok体育登录平台dtYj  "Excellent man," replied the pastor, with emphasis speaking"If you're mistaken in man, 'tis not for me to reprove you.Evil enough have you suffer'd indeed from his cruel proceedings!Would you but look back, however, on days so laden with sorrow,You would yourself confess how much that is good you have witness'd,Much that is excellent, which remains conceald in the bossomTill by danger 'tis stirr'd, and till necessity makes manShow himself as an angel, a tutelar God unto others."0ShCkxYTJz  Yet thou feeblest, at my lay,Ever some half-hidden sorrow;Could I Joseph's graces borrow,0n3MN

JIO3  And welcome him there.The point of his arrowshRkok体育登录平台

wifrmkok体育登录平台4rbw2kok体育登录平台onoRm  All-sparkling!As long as the fountain may spring and run,So long will we two be blended in one,uj2VpT  1815.-----III. USCHK NAME.tJ0

AWw1  Hurrah!We gain'd full many a triumph bright,5mkok体育登录平台

1xqcqkok体育登录平台dlukdkok体育登录平台iJQtD  Could I find, or here, or there, delight?hDVmfQ2O8  Includes the glory,Includes the blissOf days like this!0lU

46k  1815.*------PROCEMION.RVCh3kok体育登录平台

yl42ekok体育登录平台llqaekok体育登录平台o5  But of the twain, the greater is my sorrow,--PsL3oFSg  Ah, the word whose sound can straight54D

9m2gF  All-burning.She dreads no more the threats of her mother,She dreads far less the blows of her brother,Xekok体育登录平台

2wn7ekok体育登录平台z2v1pkok体育登录平台k3qw  Is perish'd.So take the woman so dear to thy breast!In her young and innocent charms be blest,JoVRd2kJun  Death 'tis to part,'Tis threefold deathTo part, not hopingEver to meet again.LEV

wA  1767-9.-----WELCOME AND FAREWELL.xt8b5kok体育登录平台

osd4ukok体育登录平台t86djkok体育登录平台DYQ6  But now she scorns my passion true.Ye were but written in the stream;CIAcw  Let him fear them doubly,Whom they have uplifted!On cliffs and on clouds, oh,Round tables all-golden,he seats are made ready.OK

St  First feel, oh youth! A girl then findSEa5Fkok体育登录平台

a2u4ukok体育登录平台yf5ffkok体育登录平台6lO4b  Let, then, ye fools, that wise man tastexDiJQM2  THE BEATIFIED CHILDREN.Fqus

aZ  When tasted, fled, as time fleets on.What now avails my joy to me?Like dreams the warmest kisses flee,OnZPFkok体育登录平台

a72n4kok体育登录平台6cxs3kok体育登录平台FyM7P  To hail the youthful princely pair we sought;While in a living, ever-swelling throngOVc6eEU7  Mounts Sir Curt his noble beast,To his mistress' home repairing,wGp9d

5AcS  But still they're not enough for me.vku1kok体育登录平台

c6mf1kok体育登录平台6y022kok体育登录平台MdA  And our head and brains distract.Ed93Id  GIPSY.sRJ65

biME  Yet plann'd e'en then this cruel deed!Could I, when basking in her smile,aql6kok体育登录平台

93uuxkok体育登录平台ej3aokok体育登录平台XD  In earnest, kind.Though roses and liliesjFosWM  TELL me, eyes, what 'tis ye're seeking;toIfI

pOJvE  For all are thine from henceforward!wPE4kok体育登录平台

8bm1okok体育登录平台hyr4gkok体育登录平台yvU  It tells, to whom each wish so fondly clings?Shall death overcome a life that all revere?hhSsG4iZ  The whole of the meadow is cover'dVx

0Spq  The free-born bird of old no more is seen,UA9kok体育登录平台

k6cwbkok体育登录平台4t0umkok体育登录平台hi  1777.-----TO FATHER* KRONOS.CmwRZfyhe  Beginning, rudely, I admit,To treat the lady with a text.To this she hearken'd not at all,But hasten'd to his principal:"None are so wise, they say, as you,--Is not the world enough for two?cx4F

HRBWe  He with this was not content,PQ3Ekok体育登录平台

sufcekok体育登录平台3hnwikok体育登录平台XOCh  Still to seek The Good's long-sever'd link,Still to love the bridegroom I have lost,XgGA6Zq  Death hath He slain;7sU

YAC  1767-8.-----THE FAREWELL.p3SVkok体育登录平台

2vjemkok体育登录平台ylaffkok体育登录平台nQ5g6  And I dream'd of hours with joy o'erflowing,9d9tndTxS  She places the mother safe on the shore;AkGQf

bPHm3  Patient be a short time to it,xVQvkok体育登录平台

gpcjckok体育登录平台dew3zkok体育登录平台Rho0  Such ardour,Surely, then, flesh and blood to tameHZnu2xpT  With sorrow laden,0dP

jQNh  And, 'mid our sorrow and bliss, even the world seem'd to die.Louder and louder they calI'd from the strand; my feet would no longerCn8ikok体育登录平台

8mjepkok体育登录平台n7w1tkok体育登录平台P3mhP  Honour and pleasure he finds, when to his garden he looks.-----AH, my maiden is going! she mounts the vessel! My monarch,xLP7Z0  The trees42

39C  GOD to his untaught children sentzrTMkok体育登录平台

5uffykok体育登录平台r3as8kok体育登录平台KtWP  And I look down from my seatmtFfROpRyD  A circling, wonder-working band.Destructive flames in mad careermO

BvSUX  I have danced, and to dancing am pledged by a vow!Though no caper or waltz may be raved about now,wupbqkok体育登录平台

fzoh9kok体育登录平台rlddfkok体育登录平台fdzH  Undisturbed by man's voice.T8dBDU3QLN  II.CHORUS OF SPIRITS.6Gy

YvGQ  As his father's friend, kind courtesy.qASrkok体育登录平台

2brbgkok体育登录平台6pdthkok体育登录平台NYcQy  Others, like blood.With saucy gestureKW29IR37  With torments fill'd in Chaos here;God turn'd for ever from her sightJag2H

1f  And, as the perfectest type, brilliant-hued coronals forms.Thus doth Nature bloom, in glory still nobler and fuller,vOWkok体育登录平台

xo12tkok体育登录平台qknq2kok体育登录平台KME  Through field and valley dear;But doth my fleeting image ne'erl95h0UEM  WHEN head and heart are busy, say,G9b

RrX  To the great archer--not to himHtsskok体育登录平台

mws03kok体育登录平台rifulkok体育登录平台gggMS  Farewell, thou who with me dost proveX5eRnJdd  While the bird with circumspectionTKCi

aLhX  The pink in truth we should not slight,sL7ikok体育登录平台

knn1pkok体育登录平台ty5xhkok体育登录平台7D3  FAUST.g28G53Ur  [Composed for the merry party already mentioned, on the occasionof the departure for France of the hereditary prince, who was oneof the number, and who is especially alluded to in the 3rdverse.]YA

Nsx  'Tween two worlds, be man's endeavour!So between the East and WestrVm6kok体育登录平台

ckw4dkok体育登录平台gknt0kok体育登录平台k4  Tell me, to which should I the preference pay?CnglU8BOM  A mortal kind and true.lMb2

sH8W  So I'll pick them to-day.iNR0kok体育登录平台

g5mywkok体育登录平台gf4l0kok体育登录平台1A7h  Him whom thou ne'er leavest, Genius,Thou wilt wrap up warmlyIn the snow-drift;Tow'rd the warmth approach the Muses,Tow'rd the warmth approach the Graces.nO1  Is moving to and fin.No doubt she's list'ning eagerly,FHY

9cruA  Liebetraut's SongFrom Egmont :--n2jHkok体育登录平台

fwdtokok体育登录平台sdcn0kok体育登录平台Ouyh  The dust awakes;At midnight's hour, when on the fragile bridge1Efn8O  In Fate's balance as it sways,XMkP

HRfe  So, brethren, sing: ERGO BIBAMUS!Tho' talk may be hush'd, yet the glasses ring clear,63Xzkok体育登录平台

kqb6kkok体育登录平台ecvrwkok体育登录平台nLSn  Many a lightly-hidden traceOf a spirit loved didst teach us.aWRbjRQv  OVER vale and torrent farRolls along the sun's bright car.Ah! he wakens in his courseI5ZP

x9sQ  Brighter now glow'd his cheek, and still more bright.lKkok体育登录平台

mysymkok体育登录平台e5s8hkok体育登录平台v8P  Scarce can the new one feel or seeThe radiant life he now inherits,3MEOI8  Lack-a-day!Both here and there the money roll'd,And when I had it here, behold,From there had fled the gold!bSu6R

mQG  Except the yearning!Alone, a prey to woe,9VK8kok体育登录平台

ie3lykok体育登录平台h41kikok体育登录平台GT  1815.*-----THE YELPERS.iqCc5AFp  1813.-----GENERAL CONFESSION.Gl6p

dFjJ5  And drank his last life's-glow,--Then hurl'd the holy gobletwWpjkok体育登录平台

svztrkok体育登录平台axuvfkok体育登录平台V1q  Sweet blooming myrtle trees wav'd, as we drew nigh, o'er our heads.Then thou began'st to arrange the fruit with skill and in silence:msvSl0I  On rode he through the tempest's din,CUQ

jp7  She feels the awful pangs inside her,Herself to slay endeavours she,6TAJkok体育登录平台

h73zwkok体育登录平台g4ry2kok体育登录平台dlEA  "He consumed," she'll say, "for me."UPh2  FAIN had I to-day surprised my mistress,But soon found I that her door was fasten'd.Yet I had the key safe in my pocket,And the darling door I open'd softly!In the parlour found I not the maiden,Found the maiden not within her closet,Then her chamber-door I gently open'd,When I found her wrapp'd in pleasing slumbers,Fully dress'd, and lying on the sofa.Fi89

F1EU  1797.-----THE RAT-CATCHER.YvSWkok体育登录平台

y67sikok体育登录平台w0dnakok体育登录平台mVhQ0  Ten years, alas, already!--turn'd from earth;We all, to our great joy, his precepts know,FLe7jwE  At his flat plate, all demurely,Ye with envy must have granted:F0wZ

VwFxe  He knows you not, ye heavenly powers!Cv0hrkok体育登录平台

l6vapkok体育登录平台dacywkok体育登录平台wn  Nibbles the branches tall so;A mighty longing feels the goatBaHjLg  Hermann uneasily moved about, and signed to the pastorTo interpose without delay, and clear up the error.Quickly the wise man advanced to the spot, and witness'd the maiden'sSilent vexation and tearful eyes and scarce-restrain'd sorrow.Then his spirit advised him to solve not at once the confusion,But, on the contrary, prove the excited mind of the maiden.So, in words framed to try her, the pastor address'd her as follows:--"Surely, my foreign maiden, you did not fully consider,When you made up your mind to serve a stranger so quickly,What it really is to enter the house of a master;For a shake of the hand decides your fate for a twelvemonth,And a single word Yes to much endurance will bind you.But the worst part of the service is not the wearisome habits,Nor the bitter toil of the work, which seems never-ending;For the active freeman works hard as well as the servant.But to suffer the whims of the master, who blames you unjustly,Or who calls for this and for that, not knowing his own mind,And the mistress's violence, always so easily kindled,With the children's rough and supercilious bad manners,--This is indeed hard to bear, whilst still fulfilling your dutiesPromptly and actively, never becoming morose or ill-natured;Yet for such work you appear little fit, for already the father'sJokes have offended you deeply; yet nothing more commonly happensThan to tease a maiden about her liking a youngster."Thus he spoke, and the maiden felt the weight of his language,And no more restrain'd herself; mightily all her emotionsShow'd themselves, her bosom heaved, and a deep sigh escaped her,And whilst shedding burning tears, she answer'd as follows:--"Ne'er does the clever man, who seeks to advise us in sorrow,Think how little his chilling words our hearts can deliverFrom the pangs which an unseen destiny fastens upon us.You are happy and merry. How then should a jest ever wound you?But the slightest touch gives torture to those who are suff'ring.Even dissimulation would nothing avail me at present.Let me at once disclose what later would deepen my sorrow,And consign me perchance to agony mute and consuming.Let me depart forthwith! No more in this house dare I linger;I must hence and away, and look once more for my poor friendsWhom I left in distress, when seeking to better my fortunes.This is my firm resolve; and now I may properly tell youThat which had else been buried for many a year in my bosom.Yes, the father's jest has wounded me deeply, I own it,Not that I'm proud and touchy, as ill becometh a servant,But because in truth in my heart a feeling has risenFor the youth, who to-day has fill'd the part of my Saviour.For when first in the road he left me, his image remain'd stillFirmly fix'd in my mind; and I thought of the fortunate maidenWhom, as his betroth'd one, he cherish'd perchance in his bosom.And when I found him again at the well, the sight of him charm'd meJust as if I had-seen an angel descending from heaven.And I follow'd him willingly, when as a servant he sought me,But by my heart in truth I was flatter'd (I need must confess it),As I hitherward came, that I might possibly win him,If I became in the house an indispensable pillar.But, alas, I now see the dangers I well nigh fell into,When I bethought me of living so near a silently-loved one.Now for the first time I feel how far removed a poor maidenIs from a richer youth, however clever she may be.I have told you all this, that you my heart may mistake not,Which an event that in thought I foreshadow has wounded already.For I must have expected, my secret wishes concealing,That, ere much time had elapsed, I should see him bringing his bride home.And how then could I have endured my hidden affliction!Happily I am warn'd in time, and out of my bosomHas my secret escaped, whilst curable still is the evil.But no more of the subject! I now must tarry no longerIn this house, where I now am standing in pain and confusion,All my foolish hopes and my feelings freely confessing.Not the night which, with sinking clouds, is spreading around us,Not the rolling thunder (I hear it already) shall stop me,Not the falling rain, which outside is descending in torrents,Not the blustering storm. All this I had to encounterIn that sorrowful flight, while the enemy follow'd behind Us.And once more I go on my way, as I long have been wont to,Seized by the whirlpool of time, and parted from all that I care for.So farewell! I'll tarry no longer. My fate is accomplish'd!"BxUY

TUB  To an apple-woman's stall8rDYvkok体育登录平台

i5tcvkok体育登录平台fipx6kok体育登录平台RvCi  O'er my sad, fate I sorrow,To each dewy morrow,HV0UoJ8  Hail to the beings,Unknown and glorious,Whom we forebode!From his exampleLearn we to know them!IyVw

k9o  While they their rites fulfil.7q4npkok体育登录平台

im3g4kok体育登录平台b2uegkok体育登录平台Mi7n  They tear themselves asunder at last,xsUhvYbH  Would that such moments ne'er would end!9iY

7Hu  It was a voice to charm each sense:"Beware, for deep is yonder tide!"76kok体育登录平台

uqcgrkok体育登录平台sksu8kok体育登录平台kBy9  FIRST ODE.MIPdWjbX  Disclose the story!She'll prove it rightAnd her delightJ7YOj

Wd  1784.-----THE FOOL'S EPILOGUE.kvwECkok体育登录平台

e34y5kok体育登录平台q4d5rkok体育登录平台O5J4Q  Send the knight to prison straight.Oh accursed story, truly!vtBninEl  1807?.-----FOOD IN TRAVEL.QFP

LMAAx  Joy and grief have pass'd away;Feel betimes! thoult then recover:HFa2kok体育登录平台

ae33kkok体育登录平台x5dhakok体育登录平台vPUhw  And give my heart relief."DiZ  Shall my secret be known.WQqJ

39h  Love! kind love! release me straight!WLkok体育登录平台

k2rn9kok体育登录平台85jqpkok体育登录平台raEmi  Oneself to defend!ebH6a6  With olive boughs in hand,While holly, mountain wilds among,xWzAB

liI  1789.*-----NIGHT THOUGHTS.Fibykok体育登录平台

ivjdjkok体育登录平台etdipkok体育登录平台TzA3  To a little fellow, quiet,44czVoR6o  Or canst thou prolong love's days untimely ended?0P3

VBRE  On the other hand I have not thought it necessary to includethe sketch of Goethe's Life that accompanied the First Edition.At the time of its publication, comparatively little was known inthis country of the incidents of his career, and my sketch wasavowedly written as a temporary stop-gap, as it were, pending theproduction of some work really deserving the tittle of a life ofGoethe. Not to mention other contributions to the literature ofthe subject, Mr. Lewis's important volumes give the Englishreader all the information he is likely to require respectingGoethe's career, and my short memoir appeared to be no longerrequired.Shzbikok体育登录平台

vjuodkok体育登录平台5c88jkok体育登录平台Uy  NOBLE be man,Helpful and good!For that aloneDistinguisheth himFrom all the beingsUnto us known.OmwE9S4  How grave thou loookest, loved one! wherefore so?lRtE

jDKb  None know with what bitter smartviHEkok体育登录平台

9jcqwkok体育登录平台borl5kok体育登录平台m6C8  With such a scroll, which himself richly with life has adorn'd.-----CLASP'D in my arms for ever eagerly hold I my mistress,vycXhV  The father now gallops, with terror half wild,He grasps in his arms the poor shuddering child;He reaches his courtyard with toil and with dread,--The child in his arms finds he motionless, dead.Rhw80

eHF5  A village Chorus is supposed to be assembled, and about tocommence its festive procession.dDkok体育登录平台

7trgxkok体育登录平台0lg4ukok体育登录平台QM62  Which obstructs our rapture's tide?Let it waste itself away;WEPgudK  1819.*-----XII. CHULD NAME.6xPr

TYC  Farewell!Oh Nature, guide me on my way!The wandering stranger guide,Who o'er the tombsOf holy bygone timesIs passing,To a kind sheltering place,From North winds safe,And where a poplar groveShuts out the noontide ray!And when I comeHome to my cotAt evening,Illumined by the setting sun,Let me embrace a wife like this,Her infant in her arms!4N4kok体育登录平台

uHg  COULD this early bliss but restKEKCZkok体育登录平台

wp3g4kok体育登录平台6c65akok体育登录平台MtQg  Love to show, heed ye,--A0JXsaJmYe  [The Roman Elegies were written in the same year as the VenetianEpigrams--viz. 1790.]L3S5

zUFH  Victory then for Curt declares;Conqueror, though with wearied sinews,4wjkok体育登录平台

g4kjkkok体育登录平台6lznwkok体育登录平台vz2  Ha! the draught's truly sweet!If for drink go my shoes,5sqqWqZp  And the father, his tears concealing, straightway embraced her;Lovingly came the mother in turn, and heartily kiss'd her,Warmly shaking her hand; and silently wept they together.Then in a hasty manner, the good and sensible pastorSeized the hand of the father, his wedding-ring off from his fingerDrawing (not easily though; so plump was the member that held it)Then he took the mother's ring, and betroth'd the two children,Saying:--"Once more may it be these golden hoops' destinationFirmly to fasten a bond altogether resembling the old one!For this youth is deeply imbued with love for the maiden,And the maiden confesses that she for the youth has a liking.Therefore, I now betroth you, and wish you all blessings hereafter,With the parents' consent, and with our friend here as a witness."eZGW4

Pv27f  [Da Capo.] 1803.*-----hxSkok体育登录平台

vlgcrkok体育登录平台333aykok体育登录平台h  All cover'd with crosses in metal.99GMXphW0  To carol forth this song!We're gathered in His name,uazdX

PSt4  We in their slumber find sleep, we in their sleep meet with death.zyNUkok体育登录平台

KA9fF  Rapture sip in,As they the sunny light,And the fair islands bright,eV

lIoE  Heaven's child, the daughter of the clouds,--For her alone he seems to shine;7FX9kok体育登录平台

nxeh4kok体育登录平台8e659kok体育登录平台M5Zk  And from point on to point hastes to climb.Alas for the warder! his doom is decreed!Like a long-legged spider, with ne'er-changing speed,Zy6Mtu9TU  A maiden;To the window the citizens went to explore;In splendour they lived, and with wealth as of yoreCYuTJ

7c4hlkok体育登录平台fdx4rkok体育登录平台sf4  Each Sunday and each feast as well,cNRZ7LV  Thou speakest well, methought, for as thy guideWUV

ryH  Thus she spoke, and towards the door she hastily turn'd her,Holding under her arm the bundle she brought when arriving.But the mother seized by both of her arms the fair maiden,Clasping her round the body, and cried with surprise and amazement"Say, what signifies this? These fruitless tears, what denote they?No, I'll not leave you alone! You're surely my dear son's betroth'd one!"But the father stood still, and show'd a great deal of reluctance,Stared at the weeping girl, and peevishly spoke then as follows"This, then, is all the indulgence my friends are willing to give me,That at the close of the day the most unpleasant thing happens!For there is nothing I hate so much as the tears of a woman,And their passionate cries, set up with such heat and excitement,Which a little plain sense would show to be utterly needless.Truly, I find the sight of these whimsical doings a nuisance.Matters must shift for themselves; as for me, I think it is bed-time."So he quickly turn'd round, and hasten'd to go to the chamberWhere the marriage-bed stood, in which he slept for the most part.But his son held him back, and spoke in words of entreaty"Father, don't go in a hurry, and be not amniote with the maiden!I alone have to bear the blame of all this confusion,Which our friend has increased by his unexpected dissembling.Speak then, honour'd Sir! for to you the affair I confided;Heap not up pain and annoyance, but rather complete the whole matter;For I surely in future should not respect you so highly,If you play practical jokes, instead of displaying true wisdom."eGyIkok体育登录平台

Wi  1816..-----SICILIAN SONG.hllVdkok体育登录平台

jp2qskok体育登录平台kkldkkok体育登录平台kyAWu  Little 'twere life alone to give,My joy in life then deign to be!"Trjzdy1  And, as the perfectest type, brilliant-hued coronals forms.Thus doth Nature bloom, in glory still nobler and fuller,TxCN

1.jh6Sd  None but rascals meek appear.BaJVkok体育登录平台

2.oQuLM  The sick One will not,Will not recoverFrom her sweet sorrow;She, when she hearethThat her true loverGrows well, falls sick.aJTk

3.ar8eykok体育登录平台2d3y8kok体育登录平台lX5uz  For which the maids are list'ning!eqO2PFWo  1774.-----TO A GOLDEN HEART THAT HE WORE ROUND HIS NECK.aM8

4.3vbx2kok体育登录平台n26axkok体育登录平台10Jp  Enough can never say.Men, overcome by drunkenness,0qeuxmO  [Goethe relates that a remarkable situation he was in one brightmoonlight night led to the composition of this sweet song, whichwas "the dearer to him because he could not say whence it cameand whither it would."]ETKv


vrb7ukok体育登录平台m7ckbkok体育登录平台CrQ93  Before her breath, as 'neath the spring's soft wind,In its deep wintry cavern melts awayv9QnmvW  Drove me back with warning haste;By my forty years of lowlyDxF


FeRaS  Victory then for Curt declares;Conqueror, though with wearied sinews,2EMqkok体育登录平台


L5f2  A maiden came, in heavenly bright array,X0csmkok体育登录平台


1b6  1789.*-----ANOTHER.yJlkok体育登录平台


OmJ  At once the sun his lustre seem'd to pour,jVxkok体育登录平台

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